Our Facilities

Rossbourne School is situated on a delightful landscaped setting in Hawthorn and is well serviced by public transport, close to Hawthorn station and tram networks.

Our iconic Mansion House is home to Rossbourne’s administration and Senior School classrooms and is just one of our many student facilities.

Library Resource Hub

This hub plays a vital role in providing students with a calm space to read, research and develop problem solving skill.

A teacher is always present to support students and guide activities that are designed to give our students access to up to-date multi-media materials, technology and equipment.

Food Technology Area

The Food Technology Area is an up-to-date modern facility where students learn aspects of hospitality, ingredient purchasing, food handling and food preparation in a dedicated professional space with an industrial kitchen.

Safe and hygienic work practices are taught, especially when using equipment and the handling and storage of food.

Visual Arts Studio

A fully equipped teaching studio where students experiment with a wide range of art materials and processes.

This facility includes a kiln and resources to support a broad range of creative endeavours, which include painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, photography, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture and set design..


This modern facility houses an indoor basketball court and a vast range of sporting and gymnasium equipment, supporting our Physical Education, Sporting and Outdoor Education programs.

The Gymnasium is also utilised as a multi-purpose facility supporting extra curricular and social activities that are an integral part of life at Rossbourne.

Living Skills House

The Living Skills House is a real fully equipped functioning home, including front and back gardens.

This is a unique educational facility that provides hands on learning opportunities for Rossbourne students to develop practical independent living skills in a real world environment. The learning focus is on home maintenance, repair and garden cultivation and sustainability.

Performing Arts Theatrette

In this space students engage in Performing Arts classes designed to foster a love of musical and creative activity.

Rossbourne’s annual Musical Production is performed in our Theatrette where student experience a professional setting including sound and light technology. Other activities in this space include drumming, choir and band productions.

Design Technology Workshop

A fully equipped teaching workshop where students experiment with a wide range materials and processes.

This facility includes a 3D printer as well as tools and equipment for students to develop skills and knowledge working in media such as leather, wood, metal, fabrics, plastics and cardboard. This space also allows student to learn graphic design skills.

Information Technology Lab

Student develop a range of IT skills in a dedicated lab exploring software applications and hardware function.

Rossbourne makes a significant investment in staying up to date in a world of ever changing technology.

Rossbourne School is a unique secondary school catering for the needs of students who find social and academic success within a mainstream school difficult because of neuro-developmental challenges.

To enrol your child at Rossbourne School, book a school tour and you will have the opportunity to register your interest, without cost, at the conclusion of the tour.


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