Extra curricular

Our extra curricular program is designed to not only give students an opportunity for new experiences but help each student learn and master new skills in challenging environments, which builds resilience, self-worth, independence and confidence.

Human Powered Vehicle

The Human Powered Vehicle project consists of 24 team members preparing and learning how to ride human powered vehicles.

The programme consists of regular training sessions during and after school, plus a full scale rehearsal at Casey Fields, Cranbourne East and the major event “RACV ENERGY BREAKTHROUGH” in Maryborough in November.

The Great Victorian Bike Ride

Students develop fitness, social skills, riding skills under the supervision of dedicated Rossbourne teachers when they embark on this five day adventure of camaraderie, camping and cycling through some of the most picturesque pockets of the Victorian country.

Outdoor Education

This programme is designed to provide students with a chance to not only learn new practical skills and safe practise in the outdoors, but also to apply these skills in an appropriate challenging environment.

An opportunity for students to create friendships, develop performance and back stage skills as well as learning negotiation and collaboration skills.

Friday Activities

Rossbourne offers a range of experiential learning opportunities every Friday afternoon.

The activities are designed to motivate students’ interests by providing choice and challenge across a variety of activities such as billiards, creative writing, art, multi media projects and photography. Each term students can choose a different area of interest to engage with.

School Representative Council (SRC)

As a member of the school’s SRC, student learn leadership, organisation and presentations skills. They are supported to use their creativity and develop their ideas and recommendations.

Our students have the opportunity to compete in a broad range of individual and team sports across the school year.

Students can participate as Rossbourne team members against other schools or enjoy sports within school competition. Among the sports offered at Rossbourne are tennis, golf, hockey, athletics, basketball, soccer, AFL and snow sports.

Rossbourne School is a unique secondary school catering for the needs of students who find social and academic success within a mainstream school difficult because of neuro-developmental challenges.

To enrol your child at Rossbourne School, book a school tour and you will have the opportunity to register your interest, without cost, at the conclusion of the tour.


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