Term dates

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Please see below a list of our term dates.

Classes commence


Classes finish

3.30pm (Monday-Thursday)

3.15pm (Friday)



Thursday 26th January

Australia Day - Holiday

Monday 30th January

Staff commence Term 1 - Student free day

Tuesday 31st January

New student orientation/Staff preparation

Wednesday 1st February

All students commence Term 1

Monday 13th March

Labour Day - Holiday

Thursday 6th April

Students & staff end Term 1, 2023

Friday 7th April

Good Friday


Monday 24th April

Staff commence Term 2 - Student free day

Tuesday 25th April


Wednesday 26th April

All students commence Term 2

Monday 12th June

King's Birthday - Holiday

Friday 23rd June

Students & staff end Term 2, 2023


Monday 10th July

Staff commence Term 3 - Student free day

Tuesday 11th July 

All students commence Term 3

Friday 8th September

Students & staff end Term 3, 2023


Monday 2nd October

Staff commence Term 4 - Student free day

Tuesday 3rd October

All students commence Term 4

Monday 6th November

Mid-Term Holiday

Tuesday 7th November

Melbourne Cup Holiday

Friday 8th December

Students end Term 4, 2023 (Mid-day Finish)

Monday 11th - Wednesday 13th Decemeber

Staff planning

Thursday 14th December

Staff end Term 4, 2023



Thursday 25th January

Staff Commence - Student Free Day

Friday 26th January

Australia Day - Holiday

Monday 29th January

New Student Orientation

Tuesday 30th January

All Students Commence Term 1

Monday 11th March

Labour Day - Holiday

Thursday 28th March

Students & Staff End Term 1, 2024

Friday 29th March

Good Friday - Holiday


Monday 15th April

Students & Staff Commence Term 2

Thursday 25th April

ANZAC Day - Holiday

Monday 10th June

King's Birthday - Holiday

Friday 28th June

Students & Staff End Term 2, 2024


Monday 15th July

Staff Commence Term 3 - Student Free Day

Tuesday 16th July

Staff Only - Student Free Day

Wednesday 17th July

All Students Commence Term 3

Friday 13th September

Students & Staff End Term 3, 2024


Monday 7th October

Staff & Students Commence Term 4

Monday 4th November

Mid-Term Holiday

Tuesday 5th November

Melbourne Cup - Holiday

Friday 6th December

Students End Term 4, 2024 (Mid-day Finish)

Friday 13th December

Staff End Term 4, 2024