About our school

Rossbourne School is an independent, co-educational, non-denominational secondary school for students identified as having learning difficulties.

Our culture and approach is strategically planned so students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, educationally and socially.

We believe that each student should have an Individual Learning Plan, catering for individual learning needs that supports personal and academic development.

Our Vision

To be a world leading school known for its unique and innovative neuro-diverse educational programs where students’ potential is unlocked so they can achieve their best as global citizens.

Our Mission

Rossbourne’s purpose is to enhance the life chances of its students by putting them at the centre of learning, and creating opportunities to develop independence, social connection, resilience, and respectful relationships.

Our mission is to nurture our students as they develop self-worth and confidence. To empower them to realise their strengths so they will build foundations for personal achievements, creating opportunities to define their own success in making a positive contribution to our community.

Rossbourne Acknowlegement of Country

We acknowledge that we learn, grow, thrive and celebrate on Wurundjeri Country.
We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
We are grateful for the opportunity to share this ancient land that Rossbourne is situated on.
We acknowledge this land with the Traditional Custodians.
From the tops of the beautiful Manna gums to the nearby waterways including the iconic Yarra River and the wildlife that live among it.
Being on this land brings us prode, contentment and harmony.We will continue our connnection with Country, by caring for our community and the environment as well as through ongoing education.





For self and others


Knowledge, experience and ideas


Not leaving others behind


Seeking support and strategies to recover quickly


Being trustworthy and responsible

From the Principal

Rossbourne takes great care in preparing students to become socially adept, promoting personal commitment and collaborative learning, leading students to experience a great sense of belonging and connection - with the school, theirs peers and staff.


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rossbourne school principal

A Safe and Supportive School

Supporting and enhancing student and staff wellbeing is one of our most important priorities.

The creation of a safe, supportive environment is fundamental to the achievement of this endeavour and drives our approach to developing student learning resources, activities and curriculum.

Quality teaching and learning

Students at the centre of the learning program will be supported by a structured and sequenced approach to teaching and learning.

Programs are effectively differentiated to support student learning and personal development needs, which are authentically assessed to determine student progress.

Students and families will be supported to engage in planning the transition from Rossbourne to TAFE or career opportunities, providing further opportunities following graduation from a full 6 year secondary program.

Nurturing Staff Development

Staff are at the centre of delivering our learning programs and are committed to a wellbeing approach to education. School leadership provides resources and promotes a culture of care, aiming to enhance staff wellbeing.

School leadership supports and guide staff professional development by presenting opportunities to build knowledge, skills and attain advancement in a meaningful way.

Community and Partnerships

Rossbourne is part of a network of education and social communities. Building strong relationships with these communities and networks is important to Rossbourne’s ongoing development.

To strengthen the experiences of Rossbourne students, connections with the alumni and past parents are fostered. Support for our graduates will be achieved through establishing relationships with educational and independent organisations.

Technology to Strengthen Teaching and Learning

We must be future focused in our approach to the relationship between technology and learning to ensure that Rossbourne students are educated in a contemporary manner.

Teaching through technology will deliver experiential opportunities for students as they develop the skills essential for successful functioning in future social and work settings.

Stewardship and Sustainability

Rossbourne will continue to evolve as a good “corporate citizen” and invest in developments that serve and deliver our priorities, achieving these sustainably, both environmentally and financially. Where appropriate, providing fora for student voice and instruction of how to operate and manage these elements will create learning opportunities for students.

We believe strongly in a student centred approach that embraces diversity and connection so all feel a sense of genuine belonging.

Rossbourne makes student wellbeing and personalised learning a priority, creating a culture and environment where students feel empowered as learners able to determine their learning pace, focusing and capitalising on their strengths as they make decisions about their learning pathways.


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Rossbourne School is a unique secondary school catering for the needs of students who find social and academic success within a mainstream school difficult because of neuro-developmental challenges.

Our purpose is to enhance the life chances of our students by putting them at the centre of learning, and creating opportunities to develop independence, social connection, resilience and respectful relationships.


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