From the Principal

It is a great honour to lead a school whose purpose is to provide an enriched learning environment, embedded in an inclusive culture where students are guided to develop into engaged and confident learners.


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Rossbourne takes great care in preparing students to become socially adept, promoting personal commitment and collaborative learning, leading students to experience a great sense of belonging and connection - with the school, theirs peers and staff.

Each student is given the opportunity to forge a pathway of independence and purposeful contribution.

As an educator, I am dedicated to enhancing the life chances of all students by creating opportunities for our learners to discover their strengths and help them to find ways to grow and to learn, so they may achieve their own defined successes. A Rossbourne student appreciably benefits from highly professional and devoted staff who guide and nurture students so they may learn to become independent and responsible young people.

Choosing the right school for your child is important, yet can be challenging, complex and daunting. An important consideration is that the school can match the needs and expectations of the student and his or her family. All students should feel safe and be in an educational setting that supports them to feel high levels of self-worth and a belief in themselves as effective learners. School should be a place where students have a positive experience of the “now”, which helps prepare them for the future and an ever changing world.  

Rossbourne is a unique school. The wellbeing of its students is the school’s priority and its educational programs have been designed to specifically support students who have experienced difficulties finding connections and success both socially and academically in other schools. Our students come to us with learning difficulties and Rossbourne is experienced in delivering a range curricular tailored to suit the individual needs of each student. Our Individual Learning Plan are developed, implemented and monitored by highly trained staff on an ongoing basis, in partnership with each student and their parents. A student centred teaching and learning approach is the hallmark of Rossbourne School.

The best way to judge if Rossbourne will offer the care and educational programs that will help your child to become a socially engaged effective learner is to see it in action. I invite you to visit us and discover for yourself the possibilities Rossbourne School can offer.

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