Educational Philosophy

Rossbourne makes student wellbeing and personalised learning a priority, creating a culture and environment where students feel empowered as learners able to determine their learning pace, focusing and capitalising on their strengths as they make decisions about their learning pathways.

Our culture and approach is strategically planned so students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, educationally and socially. We believe that each student should have an Individual Learning Plan, catering for individual learning needs that supports personal and academic development.

Building the Foundations

Our students are nurtured and supported during this time of personal transition; a time that is fascinating and complex: a time of accelerated growth and change; and of expanding horizons, self-discovery, and emerging independence.


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Extending and Reaching Out

Students are guided to enhance their independence, empathy, self-reflectiveness and open-mindedness. Our curriculum provides students the opportunity to develop problem solving and decision making skills through an engaging, diverse and interactive program.


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Preparing for the Next Phase

With a strong focus on preparing for an independent life as a young adult, students gain knowledge and experience as they complete the VCAL, explore the world of TAFE and work while under the care and support of Rossbourne’s teachers, benefitting from our unique structures and options.


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From the Principal

Rossbourne takes great care in preparing students to become socially adept, promoting personal commitment and collaborative learning, leading students to experience a great sense of belonging and connection - with the school, theirs peers and staff.


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Rossbourne School is a unique secondary school catering for the needs of students who find social and academic success within a mainstream school difficult because of neuro-developmental challenges.

To enrol your child at Rossbourne School, book a school tour and you will have the opportunity to register your interest, without cost, at the conclusion of the tour.


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