Learning & Personal Development

With a strong focus on preparing for an independent life as a young adult, students gain knowledge and experience as they complete the VCAL, explore the world of TAFE and work while under the care and support of Rossbourne’s teachers, benefitting from our unique structures and options.

Our pastoral approach continues to nurture the emotional and cognitive growth of our students while creating opportunities for personal development in a safe environment.

Planning for a career

How to be in the adult world

An applied learning focus

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

  • Work Related Skills

  • Personal Development

  • Adolescent Health

  • Work Education

  • Drama – Performance & Theory

  • Art

  • Fitness & Gym

  • Sport

  • Design Technology

  • Food Technology

  • Music

  • Living Skills

  • Essential First Aid Certificate

  • VCAL 90

  • Pre-Vocational Skills Development


All student complete the VCAL core subjects and chosen electives. In addition students can access the following off campus programs:

  • Introduction to the Café industry (Melbourne Polytechnic)

  • Introduction to Stop Animation (Melbourne Polytechnic)

  • Driver Education Program (METEC)

  • Basic First Aid Course

  • Safe Food Handling Certificate

  • Barista training

  • Introduction to Furniture Making (Holmesglen TAFE)

  • Introduction to Horticulture (Holmesglen TAFE)


A variety of Vocational Education and Training programs can be accessed via TAFE organisations including the following:

  • Certificate Two in Hospitality

  • Certificate Two in Hair and Beauty

  • Certificate Two in Automotive

  • Certificate Two in Stop Animation

  • Certificate Two in Kitchen Operations

  • Certificate Two in Horticulture

  • Certificate Three in Hairdressing

  • Certificate Three in Animal Studies

  • Certificate Three in Sport and Recreation

  • Certificate Three in Digital Media

  • Certificate Three in Music Performance

  • Certificate Three in Kitchen Operations

  • Certificate Three in Design

  • School Based Apprenticeship in Hospitality


Camp is an opportunity for students to develop friendship groups, encouraging independence and confidence.

Camps are held alternately between Victorian and interstate destinations.


The Work Experience Program is available to all students in Senior School who have participated in Work Education classes.

All students complete the requirements for Occupational Health & Safety standards.

The aim of the program is to provide a valuable and enjoyable learning experience while extending our students’ independence, self-esteem and work-readiness skills.

Students are eligible for a work experience once they have participated in Work Education classes and fulfilled the requirements for Occupational Health and Safety.

Students need to show a curiosity about learning about the world of work. They need to be able to travel independently to the workplace.

Placements are decided in consultation with students, parents and teachers with regard to the individual student’s area of interest and abilities.

Why? To give the students the opportunity to take the theory of the classroom into the outside world.  To provide students with a knowledge of the workplace.


Work Education and Transition to Work class sessions at Rossbourne School investigate the role of work within our community.

Students learn to identify specific roles and the variety of tasks involved in different workplaces. The aim is to extend the students’ knowledge of the world of work, so that they are well prepared for responsibilities in the wider community.

Topics: Subjects include occupational and safety issues, employers’ and employees’ responsibilities, equal rights and technology in the workplace.

Job search skills: Students investigate job search methods, compile a resume, develop interview skills through practical sessions and look at the resources available for employment opportunities within the community.

Future options: Rossbourne students are encouraged to take an active role in making decisions about their future options as a school leaver.

Rossbourne School is a well resourced learning environment, situated on a delightful landscaped setting in Hawthorn.

Explore our Living Skills House, Performing Arts Theatrette, Visual Arts Studio, Design Technology Workshop and more.


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