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The purpose of assessment at Rossbourne School is to know and understand our students as learners, to know their strengths and weaknesses and to know if our educational programs and support are effective in facilitating learning and personal development.

To understand our students’ cognitive and academic abilities, Rossbourne School objectively assesses each individual student using diagnostic standardised tests to inform teachers in developing Individual Educational Plans (IEP’s).

Dissemination of assessment results and qualitative observations together, assist in developing a personalised plan for each student via an IEP. Student information is shared with teachers and support professionals, such as school psychologists and speech pathologists, so all relevant staff have a shared understanding of each Rossbourne student. This creates the opportunity for staff to collectively discuss and evaluates a student’s current progress and future planning. 

Homeroom and Subject teachers also meet on a weekly basis to discuss general programming issues and individual student progress. This ongoing discussion ensures that each student’s IEP is up to date and all staff are working towards common student goals.


Communication between the School and families is strongly encouraged and is part of daily life at Rossbourne. Formal Parent/Teacher interviews are scheduled twice yearly for families to discuss student progress with staff members. Informal meetings occur at any time throughout the year. Telephone or teleconferencing communication is encouraged where difficulty in meeting face to face is envisaged.

Formal written reports are produced at the end of Semester One and Two. These reports contain information about each student’s progress in all classes that they attend. Reports are generated from the school’s Learning Management System (SEQTA). The reports contain specific programme information, the goals and outcomes set for each student, an assessment of student progress and general teacher comment.

In addition to this more formal recording of student progress, all teaching staff are required to keep detailed documentation on student programmes, functioning and progress via SEQTA, providing up to date information so teachers can be effective in the their differentiation of curricular and assessments as well as providing parents the ability to access evidence of their child’s progress at any time. 

This policy will be reviewed as part of the Rossbourne School policy review cycle.


This policy was reviewed: September 2020

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