Our Policies

Case Conference meetings:

  • Are attended by all teachers
  • Establish shared goals for the students educational future
  • Build on the strengths and skills of the student
  • Ensure that goals; social, academic or life skills, are a priority for the student
  • Develop goals within the appropriate curriculum levels for the student
  • Ensure that all parties are in agreement with the goals
  • Ensure that they are achievable, measurable and have a review date
  • Set Global Aims for each student


Scope and Sequence Documents

Scope and Sequence documents at Rossbourne allow teachers a degree of flexibility in the way that they sequence their teaching and learning program, allowing the development of a program of study that best meets students’ needs.

Scope and Sequence is vital in whole-school planning. Scope includes decisions about what is significant and manageable. Sequence includes decisions about what is necessary for sequential development of both skills and concepts.

Levels indicated in Rossbourne Scope and Sequence Documents are levels staff have devised for their own planning and do not reflect levels as in VELS.

This policy was ratified by the Rossbourne School Council – 20 July 2011
Distribution – www.rossbourne.vic.edu.au