Our Policies

The computer network at Rossbourne has been set up to provide and maintain:

  • The highest level of computer technology and software access.
  • An environment of ownership and responsibility.
  • Every opportunity for growth and development in the use of computer technology.
  • A safe and secure environment for personal work and files.
  • Internet access for educational purposes. This includes classroom activities, research activities, peer review of assigned work, and the exchange of project-related ideas, opinions, and questions via email, message boards, and other means.


Material created and/or stored on the system is not guaranteed to be private. Network administrators may review the system from time to time to ensure that the system is being used properly. For this reason, students should expect that emails, material placed on personal Web pages, and other work that is created on the network may be viewed by a third party.


Please click on link to view Rossbourne's Digital Technologies Policy – Students


Safety Guidelines for Students

  1. Never give out your last name, address or phone number.
  2. Never agree to meet in person with anyone you have met online unless you first have the approval of a parent or guardian.
  3. Notify an adult immediately if you receive a message that may be inappropriate or if you encounter any material that violates this Network Usage Policy.
  4. Your parents should instruct you if there is additional material that they think it would be inappropriate for you to access. The School expects you to follow your parent’s wishes in this matter.