Our Policies

Prior to the conduct of an excursion, the approval of the school council or the principal (see below) must be obtained.

In approving the excursion, consideration should include:

  • The contribution of the activity to the school curriculum
  • The adequacy of the planning, preparation and organisation in relation to the School Policy
  • The guidelines and advice provided by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and in the Safety Guidelines for Education Outdoors website
  • The information provided by community groups and organisations that specialise in the activity proposed
  • Appropriateness of the venue
  • The provisions made for the safety and welfare of students and staff
  • The experience and competence of staff relevant to the activities being undertaken
  • The adequacy of the student supervision

Parents/guardians sign consent forms that must outline detailed information about the nature of the proposed activity and the risks involved, and the degree of supervision so that they are able to make an informed decision and to ensure the school obtains a proper consent. Students eighteen years of age and over may sign consent forms on their own behalf. Under certain circumstances, students who are under eighteen years of age and who are living separately and independently from parents/guardians may sign their own consent forms.

This policy was ratified by the Rossbourne School Council – 20 July 2011
Distribution – www.rossbourne.vic.edu.au